Forms To Go


Validate HTML forms and send the information to an email or database


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Programming a web form isn't a complicated task, since the HTML tags it uses are pretty simple. The problem lies in validating the information in the fields and saving it.

Forms To Go is an application for Windows that lets you generate scripts in several different languages (PHP, ASP, and PERL) to validate the fields of an HTML form and send the information to an email or database, even if you don't have any programming knowledge.

The only thing you have to do to validate a specific field on a form is select the conditions it should meet. You can also add an error message to tell the user what he or she should write in a specific field.

If you choose to send the information via email, you can customize the look of the message and whether to send a copy to the user who filled it out. If you prefer to send it to a database, Forms To Go is compatible with MySQL, Access, and PostgreSQL.

Finally, Forms To Go includes some measures to fight spam, like filtering the IP from which the form can be sent, using a CAPTCHA, controlling for undesired words, etc.
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